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Featured on Kailei Carr's Beyond The Business Suit Podcast

In March, just as the stay at home orders across the nation started, I joined Kailei Carr CEO of the Asbury Group and host of the Beyond Business Suit podcast, to address our mental health as we adjusted to our new reality. We talked about physical, mental and spiritual exhaustion, setting boundaries for our time and energy and how to engage mindfulness practices in our daily lives to sustain us through this next period in our lives.

Very early on in our discussion, I asked our listeners to consider what had been calling out to

them before the shutdown. I wanted to know, what areas in their lives had been neglected or

ignored because they were too busy or too tired to engage? My hope was to encourage us all to see this period as a time for reflection, rest and an opportunity to reorder our priorities.

Take a listen to the chat and let me know what resonated the most for you.


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