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is achieved by doggedly pursuing your dreams, come what may. If you quit you lose. If you persist, you never lose.I



Dr. Moxley has over a decade of experience working with high achievers in pursuit of their intellectual, career and personal development goals.


Dr. Reisha Moxley earned her master's degree in Human Development Counseling at Vanderbilt University's Peabody College. She completed her doctoral internship at Johns Hopkins University and earned her doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology at the University of Georgia. Dr. Moxley has worked as a mental health professional for over 12 years in various settings including behavioral health, community mental health and university counseling centers.

Dr. Moxley currently works as a Behavioral Health Psychologist and professor in Nashville, TN. She also works as a consultant and executive performance coach at Package Your Genius Academy, a personal branding program that empowers high achievers to own their genius and make their work visible in the digital age.

Dr. Moxley's coaching clients, patients and students consistently identify her keen ability to recognize and challenge faulty patterns and emotional roadblocks with practical tools in support of desired outcomes.


Dr. Moxley is not currently accepting  executive performance coaching clients. Be sure to join the email list for updates on any upcoming group performance coaching sessions facilitated by Dr. Moxley.

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 I honor my spiritual gifts by evoking and shining a light on your spiritual gifts. I promote connection with a genuine desire to honor the very best in you..


I am the great-great-granddaughter of the enslaved of this country.

I am the great-granddaughter of a Black woman who taught normal school in the rural south. I am the granddaughter of southern Black folk who were sharecroppers and entrepreneurs. I am the daughter of their legacy.

I am a wounded, inspired healer. I use the gifts of my ancestors and the knowledge and practical skills afforded me as a professor, a psychologist, and a performance coach in service of others.

I am devoted to outlining your unique process of OVERCOMING. My style is to offer support, guidance, wisdom inspiration and challenge.

We will work together to develop useful affirmations and uncover opportunities to shift old ways of thinking. We will likely laugh, cry and rejoice even as we work through emotional discomfort and pain. It may only be your outlook that changes in the beginning, but that change alone is powerful and sufficient for lasting impact.


I engage these gifts as well as my
intuition, spiritual wisdom and soulful common sense to empower myself and others to
overcome on our journey towards self-discovery, self-awareness, self-improvement and ultimately, self-actualization.

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